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Crayons to Classrooms
1750 Woodman Drive
Dayton, Ohio 45420-3639

Classroom Solutions

Through Classroom Solutions, DC2C aims to provide teachers with useful, hands-on products. This is a collaborative program in which community volunteers and/or individuals in the Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley’s sheltered workshop create shaped pieces for student learning tools using die-cut machines.

In addition to seeking donations of conventional classroom supplies such as notebooks, crayons, and pencils from manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and retailers; DC2C also welcomes contributions of surplus, overstocked, and outdated materials that can find new life as learning visual aides or incentives for students. Certain raw materials can be transformed into items of even greater educational value.

Paper, cardboard, felt, and plastic can be refashioned into a wealth of shapes for many classroom purposes including alphabet letters, numerals, and geometric forms. Die-cut shapes can represent the seasons, holidays, foods, animals, plants, people, clothing, etc—the sky is the limit with their potential uses.

We actively seek donors to contribute to this program, as well as volunteers to dedicate energy and enthusiasm; together, we will carve the road for this program and actualize the shapes of possibility!

To donate supplies, please contact Dave Hargrove at or at 937-528-6424. To donate your time to volunteer, please contact Carlye Rausch at or at 937-528-6404.