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How to Shop

  1. To be eligible to shop, you must be a full-time, certified teacher with his or her own classroom, at one of our preselected eligible schools.
  2. Please check-in upon arrival before you begin to shop. A photo ID (i.e. driver’s license or school ID) is required for check-in.
  3. Please observe the limits set for all items. This insures that other classrooms will also be able to benefit from our services. All items obtained at DC2C are for school use only. Click to view a Sample Shopping Form.
  4. Our mission is to collect and distribute basic school supplies at no cost to teachers of children in need. Please respect our mission by understanding that items from the Free Store may not be returned, exchanged, sold or taken for personal use. Abuse of this system will result in revocation of shopping privileges.
  5. Please write thank you notes to our donors. At the end of your shopping trip, you will receive a list of donors for you and/or your students to write thank you notes. Simple acknowledgments of gratitude let our donors hear from you and help us maintain a flow of repeat donations to replenish our materials.

If you would like to contribute a testimonial of your experience please contact Michelle Koogler at If interested in contributing the thank-you notes of your students, the following link provides a guardian permission form.

**While we strongly support carpooling, remember that you will leave DC2C with supplies. A car packed with excited teachers may not have room for your free-purchases!